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Here are some Basic info about the site the languages has been written by and who design it and who programs' it and how its work and what it's focus on !!!

the languages used to build the website

To give you the best experience possible to discover Games we have made all possible options of web development language here a list of the language used to build this Site GameHup...

HTML: we use html and to write the webpage and html5 to make it more interactive,
CSS: we use css to style the website to make it look great and we used css3 to give you the best it can be when it comes to design,
PHP: we use php and sql to encrypt your password and email so that hackers cant get your personal info,
javascript(JQUERY): we used javascript to make the page more interactive.
bootstrap: we are planing to make the site responsive to make it more easy to browser on mobile devices.

How the site works

The site get to you the best and safe Games to keep you safe from games that has been made by hackers to get your personal info we will make sure that all the games in the site is puerly safe to play and fun to play

Who design it and who programs'

The site designed and programed by only one person by the name of Awad[AwadGorg] visit his facebook page , spend to much time building it from scratch i hope it cames good for most of the users cuz i know everyone has his need no way we all agree in one simple thing so please have fun and help me with your cooment to improve the site more and thanks for reading this and visiting my website