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GodWars new browser game

god wars
  • God Wars

  • Genre : "MMORPG" Them: : "Adventure"

    Release Date : "June 20, 2017" Views : "3,660"

    Developer :R2Games Graphics : "3D"

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    • Title : God Wars New Browser Based Game Review-GameHup

God wars
In a continued effort to bring the best in free online gaming to avid fans, R2Games opens the Beta gates on its most recent addition to massively multiplayer online gaming. All players are invited to join and try out the game, to either help squash bugs, suggest new features and help shape the development of the game, or just get a sneak peek at what’s in store with God Wars.

god wars

The game features customizable characters, and has a strong emphasis on social and guild activities as players traverse dungeons, take on challenging boss battles, challenge the leaderboards, or just hang out in town showing off their gear


There are many different types of ways to play, such as instances, world bosses, the Tower of Eternity, and the “ultimate test set by the gods,” the Trial Hall. The gear you earn can be upgraded to make you even more powerful, and you can acquire battle mounts that will boost your stats even further. Build up your city for even more bonuses and become the greatest champion in the land

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