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What is a browser game
A browser game is a computer game that is played over the Internet using a web browser.[1] Browser based games can be run using standard web technologies[2] or browser plug-ins. The creation of such games usually involves use of standard web technologies as a frontend and other technologies to provide a backend. Browser games include all video game genres and can be single-player or multiplayer. Browser based games are also portable and can be played on multiple different devices, web browsers, and operating systems.

Fruit Warriors
  • Fruit Warriors
Hunter X Online
  • Hunter X Online
GameHup Best Anime browser Games List

Best Anime Browser Games & MMORPG browser based games List to play for free no download required | GameHup

Lil' Conquest
  • Lil' Conquest
Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
Monkey King Online
  • Monkey King Online
Naruto Online
  • Naruto Online
Omega Zodiac
  • Omega Zodiac
SAO's Legend
  • SAO's Legend

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