Drag and Drop Method

Drag and drop method or content mangement system (cms) dont let the name trick you cause (cms) is very easy to learn it you just need a computer and some apps alows you to build using phones like word press and programs there are too many programs out there that allows you to build website using cms system here are some of the best (Word Press , Drupal), these two software are very great to start with tap here to learn more about wordpress.

using programing langauge

here we will gonna begin talking about how to make website using programing language if you want to customize your website the way you want then this is your way to do so by using different types of languages and learning them isn't hard to do you just need to be patience. when you done creating your website you can begon building backlinks from this site Submit a Site

here is the most important to language to learn first and the best place to learn them HTML this is the core foundation of website that everyone has interesting of making a webpage should know about html is very easy to learn and you use Html to make the site interface All the text and the photos and links and too many other things.you can find very good tutorials to learn HTML here

you can use this to make everything that you build with HTML look prety colors layout the webpage background images and too many other thing when you start using html you will relise that you cant continue without CSS you can find very good tutorials to learn CSS here you will find out all tutorials is teaching the Both at the same time

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