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Chronicles of Eidola new browser game


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Chronicles of Eidola
  • Chronicles of Eidola

  • Genre : "MMORPG"
    Them: : ""RPG"
    Release Date : "Apr 21 2017"
    Views : "332"
    Developer : "AMZGame"
    Graphics : "3D"

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AMZGame's new free to play browser-based RPG, Chronicles of Eidola, enters Open Beta today. In case you missed it, check out our giveaway. You'll be able to get some free items to help you in your journey through the fantasy realm of this turn-based game.

Chronicles of Eidola

Chronicles of Eidola is a completely new turn-based RPG game. Set in a magic world, you play as an avenger who must work with servants, heroes, and devils to achieve your goals! You can team up with other players to challenge nearly impossible quests, or face deadly Boss'. You may even need to confront other players and disrupt their plans. Welcome to a new world!

Chronicles of Eidola

Game Feature

The game, Chronicles of Eidola, utilizes the new flash stage 3D engine, which enables the 3D graphics to perform on any browser. This new engine marks a revolution in the evolution of browser games. With incredible CG and epic battle display, this will be a gaming experience unlike any you've had before.

Players will have to utilize all of their ingenuity to survive, as each battle is unpredictable and dynamic. With various types of Eidolon and a fluid fighting system, the gameplay enables the player to make the game their own as they create their own style of play. It may be intuitive to learn, but mastering the game will require all of the player's skill.

No matter what you are comparing, be it graphics or core gameplay, Chronicles of Eidola has no competition. A new gaming experience has arrived.