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Dawnbreaker Online new browser game


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Dawnbreaker Online
  • Dawnbreaker Online

  • Genre : "MMORPG"
    Them: : "Adventure"
    Release Date : "Mar 20 2017"
    Views : "413"
    Developer : "R2Games"
    Graphics : "3D"

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March 17, 2017 – R2games is inviting all players to join the official Closed Alpha test event for their latest browser game, Dawnbreaker Online. Everyone is encouraged to come check out the game and take their first steps together in this fantastic new world. This sneak peeks serves as both a server stress test, as well as a final round of bug-squashing and game optimization. Participation on the community portals and official forum are highly encouraged as R2 gears up to launch the game officially in a short while.

Dawnbreaker Online

Players familiar with MMORPGs will feel right at home, while newcomers will find plenty to love, with Dawnbreaker Online being a perfect game for veterans and newbies to the genre alike.

Dawnbreaker Online

About Dawnbreaker Online

R2Games is a global online game publisher that specializes in delivering free-to-play mobile and browser games to markets around the world. Our rapidly growing game portfolio includes hits such as politics, Clicker Heroes, Shards of Magic and EZ PZ RPG for iOS & Android, as well as the browser game, hits Wartune and League of Angels. With our newest competitive multiplayer arena title Heroes Evolved, we are excited to venture into the world of esports for both PC and mobile phones. For more than six years, our experienced team of international talents and industry veterans excel in managing marketing and PR, locating distribution channels, and carrying out day-to-day operations including customer support, community management, and event design/implementation.

DawnBreaker has many similar games like Copia, Naruto Online, Dragon Glory and Dragon Blood. If you ever experienced one of these games, you will also play the DawnBreaker easily. DawnBreaker has very good graphics and the game is designed well by developers of the R2Games. There are multiple quests which you can do with your character and there are multiple players who are playing this game.