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  • Genre : "Strategy"
    Theme : "Fantasy, city building"
    Type : "browser"
    Developer : "InnoGames"
    Graphics : "2D"

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In InnoGames’ Elvenar, you can build an epic fantasy city, populated by elves or humans, and watch it grow into a sprawling metropolis, awash in riches and brimming with military might.
The elves have powerful magic at their disposal, while humans are well-versed in the arts of war.

There are many ways to improve your city. Research technologies and gather resources to improve your buildings and customize their appearance or embark on quests to acquire fantastic relics that will further boost your city’s production. There’s a huge world to explore and fantastic creatures to tame — or to take into battle against your enemies!


Build a fantasy-like city either as an elf or human. Capture the mystical world of Elvenar with your troupes. Collect artefacts and explore technologies.

Elvenar Main Features
1- Choose from two unique factions: the Elves or the Humans
2- Construct a prosperous and efficient village for your people
3- Train up multiple military units with their own unique abilities
4- Acquire new technologies through the detailed tech tree Work alongside and trade with other real-world players .
5- Turn-based strategic combat .
6- Browser-based gameplay , Completely free to play .

League Of Angels


Each faction has access to 5 different units that are unlocked at various stages throughout the tech tree, whilst the factions have different units many of them follow similar base roles such as the Human Axe Barbarian and the Elven Sword Dancer being the primary melee troop, whereas the Elven Sorceress uses powerful ranged magic to reduce enemy damage the Human Priest focuses on using his divine abilities to lower an enemy’s defences.

Each unit as well as having its own style of combat and attacks will also have its own movement range when manoeuvring around the hex based combat maps, units can be moved and positioned to block access to their weaker units, take cover behind terrain features and use all manner of strategy to outflank and outsmart their opponent. Currently the game does not feature a PVP element and instead focuses primarily on combat against AI opponents.