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League Of Angels
  • League Of Angels

  • Genre : "MMORPG"
    Theme : "Adventure"
    Release Date : "December 2013"
    Developer : "Youzu Interactive"
    Graphics : "3D"

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League Of Angels is a browser and mobile-based MMORPG released in December 2013 by Youzu Interactive.[1] LoA[2]'s China release took place in July 2013, with the North American version following shortly in December that year. It is free-to-play but offers the option to buy additional in-game gear, attempts, and resources. It now has servers in Asia, North America, Europe, Russia, and South America. Now it has German and French Versions online as well.

League Of Angels

'loa' is a turn-based combat MMORPG where players take on the role of heroes as they fight monsters, save beleaguered angels, collect gold and diamonds (the in-game currency), complete quests, and battle against the forces of evil.

Both the Warrior and the Mage classes come as male or female , and play accordingly to classic tank/caster models. Battle is mostly orchestrated by hero and party positioning, making plan-of-attack the ultimate system for victory. Players can participate in daily cross-server battles which rewards players based on their Battle PvP and resources collected from points spread across the map

League Of Angels

About League Of Angels

loa is an online multiplayer game in which players collect heroes and angels, level up their strengths, combine the ultimate combinations of fighters and fight through dungeons, bosses and other players in order to obtain gold, diamonds, EXP and many. other rewards
Story Mode

Demon King’s army of evil has swarmed through the land. In order to halt his progress and save countless honest citizens, the angels have descended and formed a League in the fight against evil. They have begun to assemble the greatest heroes of all time and will stop at nothing until the Great Demon King is defeated. This game will not be stopped by any minion, dungeon or boss that the army of evil will throw at them.